English: President Barack Obama and First Lady...

English: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, along with Malia and Sasha, participate in a departure ceremony at Accra airport in Ghana, July 11, 2009. Français : Le président Barack Obama et la First Lady Michelle Obama avec Malia et Sasha, participent à une cérémonie de départ à l’aéroport d’Accra au Ghana, 11 juillet 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barack Obama for the past four years not only been busy playing golf like there’s no tomorrow, he’s also been known as the president who exhausted Air Force One due to four years of almost daily flying that they have to increase their staff to accomodate the flying president and Michelle Obama. Air Force One costs $180,000 per hour and Obama’s penchant for the presidential plane resulted to its use on almost daily basis and millions of tax payers money.

Hawaii Reporter just reported that Barack Obama’s four Hawaii vacations from 2009-2012 have a price tag of at least $20 million. The problem is that during their many vacations, Michelle and Barack Obama would fly on separate planes although they would head to the same destination, just like when they go to Martha’s Vineyard or Hawaii. The couple also have a tendency for years to go on separate vacations. Just like their annual President’s Day weekend getaway, Michelle is in Aspen, Colorado while Barack Obama is in Florida playing golf with Tiger Woods. Last year, Michelle spent $84,000 on her Aspen trip. The couple seems to oddly enjoy being away from each other rather than being with each other, except when it’s time for a photo op.

In 2011, the UK Daily Mail reported that Michelle Obama spent $10 million of tax payers money on her grand vacations. Her 2010 four-day lavish Spain vacation was at least $470,000 and another $500,000 was spent in Africa in 2011. Last year, Obama’s 13-year-old daughter  Malia went to Mexico for her spring break vacation with a price tag of $115,000.

One thing for certain, Obama loves to talk about shared sacrificse and criticizing the rich whenever he can and yet the expensive high-maintenance president has been acting more like a spoiled royalty with unlimited tax payers money to dip his hands  into rather than as president running a country whose recovery is worse than George Bush’s recession.

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